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So, I decided to go back to school (after 3 or so semesters off) and take some fun classes. Last time I went I was stuck in some shit Liberal Arts classes. I wont bore you with that. So this semester I’m taking Red Hat Admin 1, which I’m flying through at an obscene rate, and Cisco Security 1. Now, when I started college back in fall of 2002, I started with CCNA classes. I loved them; took 8 semesters of Cisco CCNA and CCNP courses. SO it’s been a while, but I figured I should take some new Cisco classes.

Well, it’s been great so far. Tonight, in my home lab I hooked up my 2600 routers and did some labs on password resets (easy, but good to know), and I also hooked up my 2 Cisco PIX 515’s and learned how to do a password reset on those too.

Now I learned that both of my PIX firewalls are still running 5.3 software… these things are from the stone age!!!

Also in my quest was working on some client work. They have a ASA 5510. In working on that, I thought to update my 5505. It’s been a while, so I went through and reconfigured a bunch of stuff. In the process I figured out it only supports 3 VLANs. 2 of those are for the Inside and Outside networks and a third, DMZ type VLAN, that isn’t allowed to initiate communications to any other VLAN. Come on Cisco, this is ridiculous. I need something with a serious amount of more horsepower and abilities.

The ASA 5505 is probably great for some people, but not me. Any one out there interested in buying this thing? It’s a couple years old but I have the 8.4 software on it and am willing to sell it at a good price!


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